Terms & Conditions

By purchasing a slot or team in any of the above listed breaks, you are acknowledging that you understand there is no guarantee you will receive cards for your particular team if none come out in the break.  You will always receive a team, random team, or draft team depending on the break style, but we cannot guarantee how many cards, if any you will receive when we open the product.  We will only be selling teams that have cards in the break!

The names and likenesses of all cards, players, logos, and teams are owned by the teams themselves.  Top Shelf Breaks does not claim any ownership of any logos, teams, players, cards, or likenesses that appear on our site.

Cards that come out of packs are factory sealed in the box and case from the manufacturer.  If any cards come out damaged, we will make the collector aware live on Ustream, but Top Shelf Breaks will not be responsible for cards that come damaged from the supplier.  If cards are lost or damaged in the mail, please contact us and we will assist you as soon as we can.