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Delayed (Again) by Panini #HitItFirst 2021 Panini Prizm Baseball – 6 Box Half Case BOGO Tiered Break! #1

Breaking Friday, July 30th


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What ships? Autographs, Hot Rookies, Inserts, Prizms, Relics, Rookies, Serial Numbered, Serial Numbered (99 or less), Star Vets, Variations, SP, SSP will ship with this break.


2021 Panini Prizm Baseball adds new parallels and inserts to the Optichrome MLBPA set.

Each Hobby box is expected to have three autographs along with multiple Prizms parallels. There are also the FOTL (1st Off the Line) and Quick Pitch H2 formats with exclusive cards.

2021 Panini Prizm Baseball Base / Prizms Parallels

Unlike most of the other sports, 2021 Panini Prizm Baseball opts for three base groupings. Joining the common Base set is Tier II and Tier III, which is home to the toughest cards.

The 250-card set comes with a large rainbow of color, including the Hobby-only Giraffe Prizm.

2021 Panini Prizm Baseball Cards 3

Exclusive to Hot Boxes, the two-toned Navy Blue-Carolina Blue Prizm parallels arrive once per case. Each Hot Box has 24 of these cards.

2021 Panini Prizm Baseball Cards 4

On top of that, collectors can find exclusive Donut Circles Prizms in Quick Pitch H2 Hobby boxes, and exclusive Shimmer Prizms in FOTL boxes.

2021 Panini Prizm Baseball Inserts

The 2021 Panini Prizm Baseball insert lineup features FireworksLumber Inc. and Rookie Class.

2021 Panini Prizm Baseball Cards 5

While inserts aren’t usually treated to the full parallel assortment as the main set, Illumination is one of four inserts to match the base cards in this regard.

2021 Panini Prizm Baseball Cards 6

Rare chase inserts include Color Blast and the all-new Lava Flow.

2021 Panini Prizm Baseball Cards 7

2021 Panini Prizm Baseball Autographs

Autograph collectors can also look forward to a few different sets in 2021 Panini Prizm Baseball.

2021 Panini Prizm Baseball Cards 8

In addition to the main Signatures line, there’s the 100-card Rookie Autographs set, plus Pro Penmanship, which has a Hobby-Exclusive Gold Vinyl version. The Quick Pitch format offers exclusive Donut Circles Prizms.

2021 Panini Prizm Baseball Cards 9

Estimated Release Date: May/June 2021 TBD
Hobby Configuration: 12 cards per pack, 12 packs per box, 12 boxes per case

2021 Panini Prizm Baseball Hobby Box Break Average

  • 3 Autographs
  • 5 Red Prizms, 4 Blue Prizms and 3 Silver Prizms
  • 3 #’d Prizms